how tall is larry johnson sally facehow tall is larry johnson sally face

He wears dresses to formal events and occasionally just for fun. She also wears grey fingerless gloves and a necklace with a silver pendant. In addition, upon meeting Megan for the first time, she tells him, "Pigtails are for girls, silly!" Height Game Information Sally Face | Larry Johnson Sal Fisher Travis Phelps. By the time of Episode 4 Sal has got an actual collection of cool masks, which can be seen in his bedroom. His eyes had glazed over, almost becoming milky white, and his veins were visible through his skin. Height At the age of 53, Larry Johnson's height is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm cm) or approximately 1.85 m meters or 73 inches inches. On the right, find the third color piece (3 blue). This article lists the episodes of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, an American situation comedy television series that ran for eight seasons (1950-58) on CBS.The show did not become weekly until the third season. Sal would have to remove his prosthetic in order to take ID photos. Larry will fulfill this request if Sal refuses to. His accent wouldnt be strong, only being noticeable in his pronunciation of certain words. i wanted to make a larry fanfiction because there's not many good ones out there hehe. He is a young boy who lives with his mother, and becomes friends with Sal, who just moved in. Believing Sal is destined to destroy the cult she begins a ritual to revive him, and slits her wrist to become a physical host for his spirit, temporarily keeping her alive and giving her special abilities. Height 17a [Not serious] is JO{KEY} crossing 3d [Usher's request], TA{KE Y}OUR SEAT. Pronouns: Gender neutral. Sal immediately recognizes the Red-Eyed Demon from Larry's story (having seen it in the apartment's kitchen on his first day) and offers to help lift his "curse". Over The Rainbow [Sally x Ashley] kiss~ Camelia. Players are encouraged to talk to game characters and explore the environments to uncover hidden parts of the story and can return to environments in later timelines to see how things have changed. Todd recovers from the initial shock of the supernatural occurrences and advises Sal to test it further while he does some digging into the history of the murders in Addison Apartments. After accidentally scaring Larry and Sal, they enter a room filled with newspaper clippings of the missing students at Nockfell High, various sharp tools, and a trunk full of deboned flesh. In "The Trial", it's revealed that Sal hates coffee. It is confirmed that Sal takes medication (which is seen in his room) for anxiety, depression, and migraines. Gamers Decide website put Sally Face in their Top 10 Best Indie Narrative Games. How old is Ashley? 2) The Temple - Go right and go to the east hall. Larry calmly refuses to tell Sal anything as they had just met. Sal, Larry, and Todd find that the chute leads to an occult temple underneath the building, where they save Ashley. Sal Fisher While searching for a means of deactivating the lockdown, Sal found the notes of Jim Johnson from his time among the cult's ranks and passage back to the spectral plane. Larry has dark brown hair and yellow-toned tan skin. Larry left Sal to retrieve a crowbar from David, a former drug addict, while he returned to care for his sick mother. Larry Johnson is one of the main characters of the game. As a ghost, his clothes were tattered and torn. Not wanting to fall to the demon, Larry committed suicide using an alcohol bottle with unknown contents, leaving Sal a suicide note at the base of the treehouse. Hair Color Lisa Johnson-Fisher, born Lisa Garcia and her first married name Lisa Johnson, was the janitor for Addison Apartments, ex-wife of Jim Johnson, and mother of Larry Johnson. Killed by Sal Fisher After an exchange of wits, Sal was punched in the face by Travis. In "Memories and Dreams . As Sal discovered the remaining pyramids hidden in alternate realities, she entered the codes to activate the pyramids' full power. Larry is strong-willed and laid back at times. Using the Necrolight Guitar, Sal killed the Endless One and briefly met the real Terrence Addison who gave him a most dreadful mission: Kill all who were infected by the Dark or the shadows will consume more people. Height Upon entering the hole, Sal summoned the hanging ghost of Luke Holmes. They were already behind due to a lecture from their art teacher, so they decided to work on sketches at Larry's apartment. The mum recalled a female nurse 'with blondish hair in a ponytail, a little round, not very tall, in her 30s', offering to take some photographs of them with their baby. Sal's Ghost that appears in "Memories and Dream" resembled how. Sal plays electric guitar, as shown by the guitar and amp in his room. After yet another brief interaction that revealed a friendship between Jim Johnson and Megan's father Luke Holmes, she is scared away by the demon, leaving an awestruck Larry and Sal behind. Each episode of Sally Face contains optional puzzles that reveal more of the story. Instead of leaving the matter a mystery, Sal opted to investigate and his group (excluding Chug and Maple) agreed to help. Even after the group's best efforts to save the world from the cult, it is later revealed in the unlockable epilogue, that 33% of the planet's population had been consumed by darkness. Larry Johnson Classic T-Shirt By elfenthusiast From $21.50 Larry sally face fanart classic Classic T-Shirt By Jolaine1410 From $23.15 Larry sally face fanart art Classic T-Shirt By Jolaine1410 From $23.15 Lovey Dovey Larry Classic T-Shirt By Nuancedart From $19.84 Shop by Category Tank Tops Dresses Mini Skirts Leggings Sweatshirts & Hoodies The next day they discover that Packerton had been killed by a drunk driver. And the revealer: 31d ["Fun Home" ode to a butch . Sal never takes off his mask in public since he doesn't like the idea of others seeing his face. Lisa Garcia (Maiden name)Lisa Johnson (First Married) Larry Johnson was born on March 14, 1969. Larry is thrown into a state of panic and swiftly goes with Sal to retrieve Todd and visit the basement. Sal then learned that Enon was dead and he had 73 hours left. Cute Icons. Child He appears to get along with others easily but isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. An unspecified amount of time later, Sal Fisher, branded by the media as "The Sally Face Killer", was held in custody and awaiting trial. She later regrets not staying with Sal. Delve into an unsettling adventure following the boy with a prosthetic face and a tragic past. Clare honors her end of the bargain and informs Sal of his friend's worsening condition. Sal provided a distraction while Larry snuck into the Teacher's Lounge to take a photo of Kim's file. He wore a beige Sanitys Fall shirt, not unlike the one he wore as a teenager, albeit with a slightly altered logo. The Child of the Abomination (by the Devourers of God), The WretchedThe Bologna IncidentThe TrialMemories and Dreams. ESSA HISTRIA . Character: Sniper mask / Yuka Makoto. Brown Jim Johnson (ex-husband, unknown)Larry Johnson (Son)Unnamed FatherUnnamed MotherUnnamed stillborn daughterEvelyn (sister-in-law, unknown)Henry Fisher (Second Husband)Sal Fisher (stepson) one of the reasons i think sally face is good or well written is because you can see the gradual descent into insanity. Although the room is vacant, for the most part, Sal discovers a cellar door leading deeper below ground. Miraculously, Ashley was unharmed and was discovered merely unconscious atop one of the piles. Ashley is sympathetic to Sal's recurring nightmares and troubles finding genuine peace even after the local cult had gone underground. While Sal investigated the hole in Room 504, Larry visited Todd to retrieve a device intended to ward off malevolent spirits, a device that he later used on Red-Eyes before it could attack Sal. The Trial. Episode 3: The Bologna Incident Characters,,, Episode 5: Memories and Dreams Characters. However, going by the release date of each Episode, Dr. Enon is the first character and Larry is the second one. Sally Face is an indie adventure game created by Steve Gabry a.k.a. Relatives A few months into Sal's stay at Addison Apartments, he began to become plagued by nightmares. Ashley is revealed to have been an old friend of Larry's and she is the one who taught him everything he knows about art. Biographical Information This left her and her son alone, heartbroken. Considering this, his birthstone could either be topaz or blue zircon. The lightning struck her as she collapsed. - Go in Larry's room and have a look at the picture of Larry with his grandmother (important for the achievement 'Seeker of Knowledge'). Larry calmamente se recusa a contar a Sal qualquer coisa que eles acabaram de conhecer.Um segredo sombrio Transform Your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach 33. . His compassion and willingness to help people regardless of their appearance or standoffish behavior was demonstrated time and again. After providing Sal with the bag Larry is confronted by his dark secret. Mrs. Packerton is killed in a car crash. 16 (The Wretched)18 (The Bologna Incident)23 (The Trial)28 (The Trial Epilogue)28- (Memories and Dreams) Sal is from Northern New Jersey. Larry aided Sal on the spiritual plane by weakening the capsule's protections and sealing the anomaly hotspots, temporarily releasing the people from the thrall of Red-Eyes. Add to library 1 . In the ensuing battle, the church and temple were destroyed. Before a proper investigation could be made, Sal was teleported to the roof of the Apartment building, right by the Pillar by Alyson Rosenberg's Ghost. When the threat had clearly passed, Sal comforted a grief-stricken Larry for the "abandonment" of his father. Larry proceeded to take everything his father owned and hide it from his mother in his treehouse, hoping that one day he would return. Larry later helps Sal break into Mrs. Packerton's classroom desk to look for evidence about the bologna. Physical Description Episode Two: The Wretched was released July 7, 2017. Henry Fisher (father)Diane Fisher (mother)Lisa Johnson (Stepmother)Larry Johnson (Stepbrother) Fortunately, she is found by Sal and Larry and is safely extracted from the mysterious complex. Nickname(s) This is true even in the high-tech world of the Internet. It's possible that Larry was infected much longer time before the day of the Mass Murder when the demon touched him after he killed Mrs. Gibson's rabbit. That night, Sal receives strange messages from Larry and rushes to the apartments, only to find that Larry has committed suicide. Sal doesn't share any of his discoveries with his friends. History [ edit] Cat Mother and The All Night Newsboys was co-founded by Roy Michaels (February 25, 1942-September 23, 2008) and Bob Smith (July 7, 1942-March 21, 1991) in the fall of 1967. The Matrix was the last movie that Larry and Sal watched together. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He also wore the Deadstone around his neck. Sal reluctantly shares the full details of the Bologna Incident under two conditions: that the story would be aired unedited, and he would be told of the condition of Todd Morrison. When the class reaches its conclusion, Travis confronts Sal and Ashley in the halls and punches the former in the face, and draws blood in the process. Though distraught, Ashley, alongside Todd and the spirit of Sal renewed their efforts to cleanse the Earth of the Plague of Shadows and never ceased their efforts to find Larry's Ghost. Sal doesn't specifically have any favorite foods as he has grown accustomed to eating whatever is convenient. Unfortunately, his ghost was lost in the void and stuck inside the temple's center chamber, doomed to wander for days. She later married Henry Fisher, becoming Sal Fisher's stepmother. He has blue eyes, the right one being an ocular prosthesis. Depicted as a rambling, unpredictable, and hard-nosed owner of the New York Yankees whose face is never seen. This time Megan appears, much to Larry's shock; a feeling that intensifies when he learns that his father was friends with Megan's dad, Luke Holmes. Game Information He also didn't seem to approve of violence, as he protested when his friends even jokingly threatened to kill Travis for bullying Sal. Larry Johnson Nicknames Lar-Bear (by Lisa) Larry Face (by Sal) Physical description Gender Male Hair color Brown Eye color Black Height 5'8" Biographical information Relatives Lisa Johnson (mother) Jim Johnson (father, unknown) Unnamed stillborn Sister Unnamed Grandfather Unnamed Grandmother Evelyn (aunt, unknown) Henry Fisher (step-father) Several months later Larry tells Sal that he feels he has been cursed by a demon in the building. Although Travis threatens Sal, the boy stays and comforts him, assuring him that if he ever needed a friend all he had to do was ask. until some lanky, tall man with long, brown hair called me over. Biographical Information Things returned to the unnatural when the ghosts of Addison Apartments spontaneously vanished. Unfortunately, their happiness was cut short by Sal after they were infected by Red Eyes. He is also the second of two characters in the game whom it's possible to play during The Bologna Incident and The Trial (As 'The Ghost of Larry'), the other being Dr. Enon during The Wretched. Chronologically, Larry is the first person outside Sal's biological family to see Sal's face without his prosthetic and he knows what happened to Sal. In an interview, Steve Gabry said that Larry is a Leo. Died Fanart. After being devoured by the toilet, Sal meets the Glitter Pony he used to incriminate Charley, begging for water. From what has been seen of his face: he has a large scar that runs diagonally across the right side of his mouth, splitting his lips and exposing his teeth; a scar on his left cheek, as well as several other smaller scars scattered across the rest of his face; a dent on the right side of his lower jaw; and the cartilage of his nose is completely A trail of bloodied footprints leads to a seated Charley Mansfield, admonishing Sal for his actions. - Go back into the kitchen and read the note on the table. Born After the officers are pulled away by a fake report of a robbery, Sal enters Room 403 and witnesses the carnage committed by Mansfield, the body outline of Sanderson, and an empty space between two Glitter Ponies. Steve Gabry stated that one of her bad habits is biting her nails. Important information Safety Information Choking Hazard - Small Parts What's in the box Collectible Figure Videos Upload your video Looking for specific info? Living Appearances After a brief interaction, the cultists and the Plague of Shadows assault Ashley and Sal (on the spectral plane). Episode Four: The Trial was released on November 30, 2018. On the day of the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, Sal and Ash went on a "date" to Lake Wendigo to catch-up and make up for lost time. He has a mole under his right eye. When Sal Fisher returned to the building and found the suicide note, the Red-Eyes capsule crashed into the apartments and continued to infect its residents. Gender [5] Adventure Gamers critiques Sally Face for being convoluted and for hiding important story elements behind optional puzzles but ultimately said it's "is a worthwhile and wholly unique gaming experience that has to be played to be believed. Years following this incident, Sal and his dad moved to the town of Nockfell for a fresh start, residing in Room 402 of Addison Apartments. Regardless, Sal continued with his plan. The Magic Goes Away (1978-1984) Publisher: Once there was magic in the world. Sally Face Larry Funko Pop! When Sal Fisher arrives at Addison Apartments the day of Sandy Sanderson's murder, Lisa shares her sympathies with the newcomer and affirms that things aren't usually this gruesome in the building. A/N: Bro I just finished watching high rise invasion in just a day wtf I honestly love sniper mask so fucking much like hshsgj. to which he responds that nobody ever said only girls could wear their hair in pigtails and that he likes the style, too. Please help improve this article by editing it. Episode 3: The Bologna Incident Characters, Episode 5: Memories and Dreams Characters, Kill all who were infected by the Dark or the shadows will consume more people,, They go to the temple, where Ashley, Sal's spirit, and the ghost of Larry defeat "The Endless", the core entity of the cult, saving Todd from the cult's possession. When visiting the fifth floor, Sal finds old laxatives in the bathroom of Room 504 and the ghost of the young Megan Holmes, but the supernatural being is too scared to speak to Sal for long. Later, when she sensed that Sal was awake, she came to see that one of the pyramids had been activated. 1999 Travis Phelps is a gay character from Sally Face. This courteous attitude continued even after her husband's disappearance when she first met Sal Fisher, though she was startled by Sal's mask at first, she quickly warmed up to him and offers to introduce him to her son. Face E. Aesthetic Memes. Language: English Words: 6,764 Chapters: 3 /3 Kudos: 19 Hits: Sally Face (Video Games) Relationship: . Ticci Toby. At some point, Sals prosthetic was broken, hence the discolored piece over his right eye. During Sal's college days, the two remained on good terms and even went on a date of sorts to Lake Wendigo to reminisce and divulge their woes. Basic Information Johnson-Fisher When Sal attempted to speak to him, the ghost shed its skin to reveal an agitated Red-Eyed Demon. Sal explores and meets the other tenants, including Larry Johnson, who reveals he witnessed the murder. There was an art project that was assigned for Travis Phelps and Larry Johnson. Additionally, old reports of Megan's corpse being found by Lake Wendigo shows pictures of the girl when she was still alive. Sal Fisher Needs a Hug. I absolutely do not know. Deceased Appearances Michaels had previously been playing with Stephen Stills and Richie Furay in the Au Go Go Singers, prior to the formation of Buffalo Springfield. Ash fought against The Endless One with help from Sal and Larry. Uncle Charley says he can disguise her looks so men won't keep asking her out. 5'10 He led a relatively charmed and peaceful life in Addison Apartments and was especially close with his father, developing a shared taste in Heavy Metal and an above-average sense of curiosity. According to Ash during "The Trial", Sal once told her that he was afraid to drink because addiction runs in his family and he didn't want to be an alcoholic. Returning to Room 504, Sal was finally able to enter the bedroom and summon the ghost of Stacy Holmes, who says nothing before disappearing. Donning the Necrolight Guitar and requesting the assistance of Todd, Sal investigated the treehouse to find a single, empty alcohol bottle on the floor. As an adult, Sal appeared to be significantly more jaded and less trusting of others and opened himself to others with great hesitation. Sal visits Todd's house and meets Ashley right after they finished a tutoring session but parted ways after a brief greeting. In "The Wretched", Sal's glass eye can be seen in a glass of water on his bedside table after he awakens from a nightmare. Larry might be Spanish because his mothers surname is Garca (revealed in Jim's journal in The Bologna Incident) and in an interview. Starts up right after The Bologna Incident (age 17) with flashbacks back to age 13, but . Against Sal's wishes, Ash contacted the Nockfell Police Department and rushed to Addison Apartments only to find Sal, covered in blood and standing outside the complex mumbling incoherently. Larry Johnson is about to realise that his whole world can be turned upside down with just one fateful day. Sal opens the freezer to find the deboned flesh of his missing classmates. After retrieving an enigmatic Puzzle Box from a trunk containing the possessions of Larry's father Jim Johnson, the two return indoors. Ashley had arrived at the apartment complex moments before, and upon opening the door she unveils a covered-in-blood Sal and calls the authorities. In the battle, Kenneth attempted to overpower her with the strength of the Void but he was stabbed by his own son and plummeted alongside him to his death. Larry tells Sal of the Dance Club ,Ghost Nabbers that dwell under the basement and how Mr Addison hates it. After collecting the Pyramids of Asintmah, she placed them on Sal's grave, but was unable to figure out how they worked. Cool Mask: Well, it's a prosthetic face, but it could count as a mask. Monster Prom. Larry is one of the main protagonists of Sally Face, an indie adventure and psychological game which is divided into five chapters. See questions and answers hi!! Green Three days before Sal's interview with Faux News Anchor Clare Nettles (or the cultist who replaced her), he experiences another dream of The Phantom, this time speaking in understandable sentences. Age Sal inherited his unnatural hair color from his father, since his mother was blonde. Ashley later finds proof of Sal's story in the form of a picture of Larry's ghost but arrives too late to save Sal, witnessing his death. Ash, Maple, Chug, Larry, Sal and Todd on Bologna Day, Ash, Larry, Todd, and Sal in the cafeteria, Ash meeting Sal after returning to Nockfell, Ash riding the motorcycle with Sal as her passenger, Ash banging on the door to try and stop the execution, Ash distraught at the sight of Sal's execution, Ghost of Larry and Ash inside the tree house, Ash burnt the tree house, as a request from Larry, Ash thinking about a way to rescue Maple and Neil, Ash having witness Sal's half-revived ghost, Ash having witness Sal's full-revived ghost, Ash forcing to witness Sal's suffering in the revive, Ash stands up after Sal inherit in her arm, Ash channeling the power in her damaged arm, Sal, Ash, Todd and Larry after the church destroyed. Sal is told by Clare that the most popular question about him was his refusal to eat bologna. Todd was captured and held inside the church by The Cult. During his trial, Sal recounts the events that of that fateful day, leading up to the mass murder. Much to Sal's horror, his friends suggest killing her. After some prodding, his mother allows Sal to visit the animal. Following his arrest, he wears a tattered orange prison jumpsuit with the inmate number 081486. Dorothys friend Estelle enters the novel with a comic crash of surrogate cars, supermarket carriages; the narrator subsequently describes her"with transparent symbolism"as a natural speeder.5 As she drives, so . She also had very droopy eyes due to her work. . The boy survived the encounter but at the cost of his mother's life. This section is in need of major improvement. He's about to realise how hard it really is everyday for his best friend, Sally Fisher. Also, she is the first character to have a cousin. Ghost Larry and Sal both have something in common: both Larry's father and Sal's mother passed away when they were little. Basic Information Her name is possibly a reference to Ash Williams of. He finally met Sal's ghost in the chamber, exchanging a heartfelt hug before helping Sal and Ash defeat the Devour of Gods and rescue Todd, using the amulet to stop Endless in the battle, putting strain on the entity. This series of unfortunate events led Larry to believe he'd been cursed. Ashley first becomes acquainted with Sal Fisher a couple of months after the arrest of Charley Mansfield. When Sal leaves the apartment to see Charley off, curiosity pulls him towards a coroner's van, where Mrs. Sanderson's decaying corpse lay, bagged, and awaiting processing. One particular dream places him at the picnic where his mother was murdered, and later shifted into Larry's shoes when he was fixing the toilet for Sandy Sanderson on the day of her demise. After safely extracting her from the temple, Larry proposes that they should kill Packerton so she can't hurt anyone else. With the combined efforts of the three, the Void was vanquished and the Plague of Shadows was stopped. Henry Fisher (Sally Face) The last two are only mentioned - Character. Nockfell Prison, 2004 at 6:33 pm Halfway through unpacking, Sal decided to take a break, and, after sharing his feelings about the move to his father, left to explore the complex. Vinyl MSRP: $11.99 $5.00 Save: $6.99 Sold Out Delivery & Returns If I'm not completely happy with my item? After going inside, Larry stays to watch over his mother. The game took five years to develop. After Sal was given the death penalty in court, Larry remained confined to the location of his suicide, the treehouse. - Larry has a large criminal record. Complete the Past to Embrace the Future 30. In "The Wretched" he wore a black hoodie, a pair of blue fingerless gloves, and green earmuffs while out in the snow. Larry had long dark brown hair and yellow-toned tan skin. Eye Color Life took a turn for Larry when he played with firecrackers against his parents' wishes and accidentally killed Mrs. Gibson's pet rabbit. Larry could only watch in horror while Sal murdered everyone, including his mother and step-father. With a mountain of testimonies, a replaced Dr. Enon, and a concerned Ashley Campbell against him, Sal was deemed guilty despite his best efforts to warn the populace of the cult's activities and the spread of Red Eyes. Cause of Death The game also includes various minigames that break up the regular gameplay. Lisa's marriage with Jim was happy when she gave birth to Larry and was later expecting a daughter, but things started to change when Jim worked with Alyson Rosenberg and the local cult known as the Devourers of God. They bond over Sanity's Fall and art. Sally tells her she needs to quit boys and study more. She loves art and is the best artist in the group. He has a mole under his right eye. She is eager to spend time with Henry Fisher and Sal when the latter proposes a movie night for the following weekend. Creepy Child: Downplayed. After catching up with the residents and investigating the temple of the Devourers of God, Sal left on a date with Ashley to Lake Wendigo. Sally Face Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Strange NeighborsThe WretchedThe Bologna IncidentThe Trial He is abruptly awoken by Mrs. Packerton who assures him that he did well on his test, earning ire from the bully: Travis Phelps. High-rise invasion // Sniper mask x reader headcanon. Si no te gusta este contenido te recomiendo que NO lo leas. While Steve first invented the concept and world of Sally Face around 2006/2007, development on the game didn't officially start until 2015. The decision is made for them, however, when Mrs. Packerton is killed in a drunk driving accident. Sal, eager to show Larry that spirits do exist, doesn't hesitate to pay Todd a visit. He had a mole under his right eye and a gap in his teeth. As Kim Yazzie was a former Amateur Nature Photographer, Sal took a picture of a bird and presented it to Kim who was then willing to give the boy a sample of the bologna and the identity of the school's supplier: Mrs. Packerton. November 30, 1976 [1] In the present, Sal recounts the story to his therapist, Dr. Enon, as he is on death row for mass murder. It should be noted that she is the only one in the group that does not believe in ghosts. The Endless One manifested inside Terrence and had been fighting to control him for decades. In "The Bologna Incident", his quick wit was demonstrated in response to bullying from Travis. Satisfied that the case had been closed, the group makes their leave until Campbell discovers a trash chute hidden behind a painting of a farm and accidentally falls down it into the temple of the Devourers of God hidden below Addison Apartments. For the years to come, Sal would maintain that his mother was killed by a man, not a wild animal, even if his psychiatrist and father didn't believe him. Lisa was a very kind, warm, and welcoming person. Sal confides the details of his most recent vision in Larry, who is skeptical of the whole thing. Prior to the events of Episode 1, Larry Johnson is the firstborn child and only son of Jim and Lisa Johnson. The same night, he encountered a Red-Eyed Demon, who reached out and touched the boy. In his last session, Sal shared his encounters with the Red-Eyed Demon and the ghosts of Addison Apartments with Enon who rejects the idea of supernatural involvement in his patient's life.

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