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iPhone 13 Pro Max: Up to $600 (vs. $570) iPhone 13 Pro: Up to $500 (vs. $470) iPhone 13: Up to Apple is closing its Northlake Mall location in Charlotte, North Carolina, after multiple shootings in the area, according to a report from Bloomberg. (347) 552-2258 Column lines going over sceeen (not sure if flexgate issue). 15" Macbook Pro: $400: A1707: 13" Macbook Air: $350: A1932: Option 4: remove the LCD panel and solder a new cable directly to the LED strip . He manages and writes on where sharing anything and everything related to Apple devices and services is his daily thing to do. Skorzystaj z najwikszego serwisu ogoszeniowego w Polsce! it's not just 2017. mine 2018 had this issue after slighty more than a year after my purchased. Okay, I've found the problem. This constant tension and relaxation can cause the cable to wear down and malfunction, leading to the stage light effect. Space Gray Retina LCD Screen Display Assembly for MacBook Pro 13" A1706 A1708. Sadly, only 13-inch models of the 2016 MacBook Pro are eligible for this program. Venditore professionale. We offer repair services for iPhones, Macs, and other electronic devices. Many people refer to this symptom as stage lighting. Not sure if my Mac Book falls into this category. Instead, it quietly adjusted the length of the flex cables (opens in new tab) on its 2018 MacBook Pro, and launched a repair program for those with defective 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro models. We hope you found this article helpful. (The . Next-generation version of iOS, set to be previewed at WWDC 2023 in June with a public release in September. It only covers 13 models from 2016, while we know other MacBook Pros suffer from this issue. The company's been a lot more responsive with issues ever since, such as with this free battery replacement program for a small number of those 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro laptops that won't . 2. . The lawsuit claims Apple knew of the durability issues with the connectivity cables, and didn't respond responsibly. Article by: So today I went to the Apple Store in Amsterdam and they refused to help me for two reasons. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for APPLE MACBOOK PRO 13" 2016 i5 2.9ghz 8GB RAM 512GB SSD SILVER FLEXGATE FAULT at the best online prices at eBay! By extending the cable we also fix the underlying problem so the issue will not reoccur. MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) - Some of these MacBooks sold with 128 GB of 256 GB solid-state drives "have an issue that may result in data loss and failure of the drive." Screenshots are the most convenient way to capture anything on your screen, such as messages, memes, images, and so much more. Multiple lawsuits targeting Flexgate have been filed. Theres always the option of doing it yourself, as long as you have the required skill set and feel confident to disassemble and reassemble your machine. -Not For Macbook New Pro 13"without Touch Bar A1708 A1988 (Release 2016/2017/2018)-New Air 13" with Touch ID A1932 (Release 2018)-12" with Retina Display (A1534)-Air 11.6" Model (A1465 / A1370)-13 Air Old-13 15 Pro Old-13 15 Retina Old; Model Guide for Macbook: Turn your laptop upside down, underneath, locate the Model Number in small print . Apple's most powerful Mac will finally shift to Apple silicon. This may be useful for you. There was a short between LED_RETURN_1 and GND. . Which MacBook Pro Models are Affected? However, Apple Repair Center determined that it is because of logic board, not because of Flexgate. I am trying to get a free repair as well as the damage has not been caused by me but it is proving to be not easy at all. . While it's a simple cable that needs replacing, because of the way the MacBook Pro is designed, the flex cable is integrated into the display and requires the entire display assembly to be replaced. APPLE MACBOOK PRO 14-inch 14GPU 3.2Ghz 8-Core M1 Pro (2021) MKGP3LL/A - $756.28. 45. r/macbookpro. If your MacBook Pro has this display issue, the first step is visiting an Apple retail store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or contacting Apple support. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). I feel that this can be a loop hole to avoid responsibility for the parts under repair program. iOS 17 Wishlist What Do We Want to See? MacBook Pro 2017 8GB 256GB AU. Our mid-2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which features a 13-inch LED-backlit LCD Retina Display, is exhibiting similar symptoms to the 2016 models, which forced Apple to run a "Display Backlight Service Program" fixing the flaw for free. Some rumors that it may have 5G with Sub-6 GHz as well. He told me that my display malfunction didn't look . . Of course, this did nothing to address the issue that 2016 users are having, so Apple initiated the repair program. . Apple introduced a redesigned MacBook Pro in 2016, and this was the first to use the new flex cable. 2016 and 2017 models share the same design. Doing this reduces the stress on the flex cable and lowers the chance of Flexgate reoccurring. Apple could add touch to MacBooks, despite being against the idea for years, Nokia says you can replace the screen of this new phone in 20 minutes, Apple is giving MacBook owners with faulty butterfly keyboards up to $395, Users report Pixel 7 camera glass spontaneously shattering without cause. Top case Tastiera Keyboard Clavier Macbook 13 A1708 grigio scuro 2017 (#324507718681) i***s (27) - Feedback lasciato . Since it was a part of the lid, the wire connecting the logic board to the display never had to bend or stretch. Thread starter andrespi; Start date Jan 5, 2022; A. So, it is best to seek professional assistance when dealing with complex repairs like this. Alternatively, they can contact Apple Support to set up a mail-in repair. Tom's Guide is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Some 2016 and later MacBook Pro models appear to be displaying issues with uneven backlighting caused by a delicate and easy-to-break flex cable, which has been dubbed "flexgate.". Trade-in values have gone up for the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 7 Plus, with the new pricing listed below. Kate Kozuch is an editor at Toms Guide covering smartwatches, TVs and everything smart-home related. apple macbook pro 2020 a2289 touchbar i5 8gb ram 256gb ssd. TechSpot means tech analysis and advice, YouTubers' 43-inch gaming laptop is powered by an Intel NUC, China on autos: Consider yourselves warned, Chinese companies are filling warehouses with chipmaking equipment in preparation for more restrictions. This effect manifests as a bright light or stage light appearing from the bottom of the screen or as a distorted or discolored image on display. . > What options do we have? A number of MacBook Pro laptops released in 2016 and 2017 suffered from fraying flexible display cables, resulting in display stage lighting, or inconsistent backlighting towards the bottom of the screen. USA & International; Australia; Canada; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; United Kingdom; An iFixit breakdown of a 2018 MacBook showed that Apple quietly fixed the problem in newer models by using a longer cable. Once you have a deep understanding of it, you won't be afraid of it anymore. The display shows negative colors or a tint of a particular color. According to the Apple website, the only MacBook mentioned is the 2016 model. May 9, 2020 I showed him articles and forum conversations from people who state their MacBook Pro from 2017 also had a flexgate problem. Apple's most powerful Mac will finally shift to Apple silicon. Causes that may lead to flexgate issue. A selection of quick iOS tips that will make you a lot more time-efficient in the long run. Yes, you can get the Flexgate issue repaired on your Mac for free if its eligible for the display backlight service program that Apple offers. Craig Lloyd The screen goes black when opening the lid Sometimes the screen on your MacBook Pro will go dark as you open the screen all the way. There's no glitch and stagelight. What is wrong with this judge its clear the computer has a low quality build. The issue appears to impact any 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pro model manufactured in 2016 and 2017 though it appears to be affecting Touch Bar models more frequently. Apple is working on a redesigned version of the larger-screened iMac that could bring back the "iMac Pro" name. 2016 Space Grey 2017 See when connected: Erratic Screen. APPLE MACBOOK PRO- 14-inch M1 Pro 8C CPU 14C GPU 32GB RAM 1TB SSD BNIB Sealed - $2,752.93. Flexgate is an unofficial term used to display backlight-related issues with certain models of MacBook Pro caused by a fractured display flex cable. Eligible models are listed below: No other MacBook Pro models are included in the repair program at this time, even if those machines are displaying similar issues. FOR SALE! A selection of quick iOS tips that will make you a lot more time-efficient in the long run. I read that Apple repairs or substitutes for free just the 2016 models, but the issue is the same and also the component (cable) causing that is the same. In 2019 Apple created a free repair program for 2016 MacBooks affected by this same issue. Apple may have quietly fixed flexgate issue with the 2018 MacBook Pro. Apple has not publicly commented on the Flexgate issues in some 2018 MacBook Pro models, but it appears the company may have quietly implemented a fix in its 2018 machines. It happens due to repeated opening and closing of the Mac lid. Macbook Pro A1708 2017 I5 8gb Ssd 256gb (leia A Descrio) 5189 reaisR$ 5.189 em 10x 518 reais con 90 centavos R$ 518 90 sem juros Frete grtis RECOMENDADO Apple MacBook Pro (13 polegadas, 2020, Chip M1, 256 GB de SSD, 8 GB de RAM) - Cinza-espacial 9399 reaisR$ 9.399 em 12x 911 reais con 23 centavos R$ 911 23 Frete grtis MAIS VENDIDOMACBOOK PRO 2017 laterPC/ Other shops usually charge more to accomplish the same results, but we utilize our experience and expertise to repair just the component that is broken. Apple on January 23 released iOS 16.3, delivering support for Security Keys for Apple IDs, changes to Emergency SOS functionality, support for the second-generation HomePod, and more. Many thanks to. When you first buy a MacBook Pro, the flex cable functions perfectly. You can come by anytime with your MacBook for a free diagnosis, or you contact us for a quote over the phone on what you need to be fixed. Hi there, I have a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 inch 2 thunderbolt 3 ports without Touch Bar, recently it started to show backlight and sometimes if I rotate the screen to different angles, the display will disappear but you can tell it is still working, if I try different angles the display may come back. One MacBook Pro user started a petition reporting that his display's backlight was acting up. Alan Cardenas Moreno - To be specific, the following models of MacBook Pro are the primary victims of the Flexgate issue: A1706 - MacBook Pro 13-inch (2016 to 17, Touch Bar model) A1707 - MacBook Pro 15-inch (2016 to 17, Touch Bar model) . 2013- 2020, Defekt, Reparerer defekte macbook, logicboard, defekt skrm. On opening the laptop screen above 40 degrees or so, the screen is blacking out - flexgate issue. But the display becomes blank as soon as you open the lid beyond a certain point. The symptoms included a "stage light" effect at the bottom of the screen or the display completely shutting off if the lid was opened more than halfway. the only problem is that the screen is black when it's over 75 degrees. I have the exact same issue after backligt flex repair on an A1706. Article by: However, the complaints kept piling up, and Apple soon had no option but to respond. We extend the cable during the repair to prevent the issue from happening again. Glitching display Another common sign of the Flexgate issue is when the display fades to white or stops responding during use. Apple launched a redesigned MacBook Pro with an all-new flex cable in 2016. Fatigue and tearing first causes the screen backlight to partially fail, often causing a stage lighting effect; over time, the screen usually dies entirely. The cables loose wrapping around the control board tightens and loosens with the opening and closing of the laptop, subjecting them to stress. It's not clear yet if that will happen, however. Below, we have recapped what to expect from Apple this March and April based on rumors. Apple will either cover the repair if it falls under their repair extension, or they will charge between $475-900 for the screen replacement. Ad posted 14 days ago . As for why repairing this issue out of warranty would cost so much: in an apparent effort to make the display as thin as possible, Apple designed the cables aspartof the display, sothey cannot be replaced. Hello my baby hello my darling hello my ragtime gaaal. Reply, Having similar issue, first with keyboard then with in 2 monthes of keyboard replacement battery swollen and now after 3 monthes flexgate, apple did covered keyboard and battery swollen time but this time with flexgate is too much, let's see what they say with my 15 inch 2016 model of MacBook Pro, I hope they cover it under warranty, because this laptop is used with too much care but seems manufacturing defects are haunting the users :(, Shubham Sharma - Retailer B&H is currently running a sale on the high-end 13.3-inch 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, cutting $900 off the . My 2017 Macbook Pro, just hit flexgate and now the screen backlight doesn't stay on when the lid is opened. Many MacBook users have claimed in the forum that their 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pros manufactured in 2016 and 2017 are enduring this MacBook Pro display issue. Copyright 2000-2023, LLC. @kpifixit. Note we only offer repairs for the backlight issue, if you are having an issue with your camera connection or ambient light sensor, we would replace the display to fix that issue. Alternatively, you can go for the micro-soldering option from a third-party service. Free delivery for many products! The MacBook Pro 15 inch isnt eligible for Apples display backlight service program. Also, attempting to repair or replace a cable on your MacBooks motherboard on your own could void your warranty. The display backlight service program of Apple doesnt provide free service to all models of the MacBook Pro. Also hearing about a 6.1 version in 2023 with punch hole rather than a notch. Apple will now fix that problem for free on eligible laptops. If the computer is not covered under the program, they charge for the display replacement. However not really willing to do much about it. Until 2015, Apple placed the MacBook logic board or display controller inside the hinge cover just beneath the display. Aug 21, 2019 The 2017 update of the 13-inch MacBook Pro ($1,299) isn't a groundbreaking refresh, but it does come with two very important new . Flexgate reparation. If youve been experiencing display issues on your MacBook Pro, it may be due to the Flexgate issue. But, I have a question does someone in the ifixit team know if the repair is with the new and longer 2mm cable or they just repair the display changing the ribbon cables with new ones but with the same length? . The flex cables are loosely wrapped around the display controller board and when the MacBook's display is opened, the cables are pulled tighter, leading to tears and problems over time. A forum where Apple customers help each other with their products. New York, NY 10001 The filing contains a number of iFixit photos demonstrating the relatively short cables wrapped around the hinged display. Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models may spark a "replacement demand" among owners of older iPhones, due to the significant improvements enabled by the A17 processor, Apple's first iPhone chip based on TSMC's first-generation 3-nanometer process. A class action lawsuit filed in Northern California federal court alleges that Apple knowingly sold MacBook Pros that contained display cables destined to fail, in what we and others termed "Flexgate".The suit also claims Apple intentionally responded with a limited display repair program response that only included a limited number of less-expensive MacBooks, and did not cover the issue . The problem is related to the cable that connects the display to the logic board. Flexgate Issue is a significant flaw in the 2016 and 2017 models of MacBook Pro. Copyright 2023 iBoysoft. Depending on the level of your flex cable damage, your MacBook Pro can exhibit the following symptoms: The stage light effect in MacBook Pro due to the Flexgate issue occurs when the flex cable doesnt fully break, but some connection lines in the cable get damaged. We started with a free diagnosis to verify what was causing the issue. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. The judge overseeing the case said that because the defect appeared after the warranty period, Apple was not required to disclose it because it was not a safety issue. 1700, Tianfu Avenue North, High-tech Zone. . What Is Core Sync on Mac: Mac Core Sync explained in 2022, This article explains what is Core Sync on Mac and other things you should know about it. Our affordable MacBook Pro Fluxgate repair service is available at our shop here in Philadelphia. Here's what we know so far. What Are the Symptoms of the Flexgate Issue? Mackstechs LLC, its affiliates, and this website are in no way associated with Apple Inc. Apple, iPod, iPhone, and 'iPad' are trademarks of Apple, registered in the U.S. and other countries. It may be due to the type of wire you use to make the bridges. Entdecke MacBook pro 2016 13 Zoll / A1706 in groer Auswahl Vergleichen Angebote und Preise Online kaufen bei eBay Kostenlose Lieferung fr viele Artikel! However, if you go for the micro-soldering option, it will cost you a lot less, and youll probably avoid facing this issue again. It insists that the defect is only present in "a very small percentage of 13-inch MacBook Pro displays." However, similar symptoms have also been reported occurring in 2016 and 2017 13- and 15 . Moving the display will usually bring back the image, but over time it will likely get worse. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 15" MacBook Pro A1707 Space Gray 2016 2017 LCD Assembly 661-06375 Flexgate Issue at the best online prices at eBay! 50 features and changes you might have missed in macOS Ventura. I have a concern and hope someone here can help me I was one of the people experiencing this problem in my 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar and with the program it was replace and now my display is like new.

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